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Our Environment

Fredco Environmental Initiatives

If you value caring for our environment, here’s a few things you’ll be pleased to know about Fredco Motors.

We’re committed to self-imposed standards of environmental responsibility, because it reflects our commitment to a clean, green New Zealand.

  1. Oil Filters
    Used filters are caught & crushed – a process that extracts all the used oil, then sends the metal to be recycled.
  2. Tyres
    Used tyres are recycled and used in playgrounds & equestrian arenas to minimise their environmental impact.
  3. Metals
    Cast Iron, Aluminum & Milled Steel waste generated in the process of mechanical repairs is separated and recycled.
  4. Batteries
    We are very aware of the environmental threat posed by old batteries, which is why we extract the lead ourselves before the rest is recycled.
  5. Office
    Our responsibility extends to from the workshop to the front desk, with all office cardboard and rubbish sorted and recycled
  6. Carbon Footprint
    Our association with Waitiata Forrest ensures Fredco motors have a minimal carbon footprint.

At Fredco we really like being green!


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