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Car Battery Auckland

Authorised Century Car Battery stockists

Are you experiencing car battery problems? Our trained battery technicians will help. And if a new battery is required, they’ll recommend the right one for your vehicle.

The causes of a faulty battery
A car battery is the most unstable part of a car and a common cause of problems. They are designed to provide a huge amount of power and voltage for a short period of time. And it doesn’t take much for them to go wrong.

Car Battery Auckland

Some reasons for a faulty battery:

  • A faulty connection: There are two posts on your battery: one negatively charged and the other positively charged. Cables attached to these posts sometimes become loose.
  • Corrosion: This can weaken the connection between the previously mentioned posts and cables.
  • Disuse: If your vehicle has been idle for a couple of weeks or more, your battery can lose power.
  • Problems with the alternator: Alternators generate a vehicle’s electrical power. So, if your alternator fails, it will no longer charge your battery.

Latest digital car battery tester
It is up to our trained battery technicians to diagnose the problem. At their disposal is the latest digital car battery tester. This cutting-edge equipment will test your battery and provide a printout showing how much life is left.

Century Car Batteries
If you need a new car battery, we offer a range of quality options. Fredco Motors is an authorised stockist of Century Car Batteries, which are, without a doubt, the market leader in automotive and heavy machinery batteries.

Why are Century Car Batteries so good? Well, they are designed for New Zealand’s unique climate and are renown a long lifespan.

Caring for the environment
We only have one planet, so our philosophy is let’s look after it. This is why we extract lead from all batteries before they are recycled. {Learn more about out environmental standards}

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